Additive Manufacturing

3D Printing Capabilities

Linear has four EOS M270s, three EOS M280s, eight SLM 280s and two EOS M290s in-house. These systems allow for state-of-the-art metal additive manufacturing of rapid prototypes and production-ready parts.


Linear utilizes Direct Metal Laser Melting – DMLM, a cutting-edge technology that has made substantial advances in materials offered throughout the recent years, thus, allowing it to become the technology of choice for building functional metal prototypes that are equivalent in strength to cast or billet physical properties, with a surface finish equivalent to a quality investment casting. The usage of conformal cooling methods in our designs has proved advantageous in many ways, including shortened cycle times, improved part quality, and reduced costs.


Stereolithography (SLA) is an additive rapid prototype manufacturing process that uses a UV laser to cure a special type of resin to form each part, one layer at a time. SLA models are extremely accurate and perfect for fit and function studies where fine details are important. Due to the fact that they are easily benched out and finished they are also perfect as master patterns for casting silicone and composite tooling as well as a variety of other molding techniques.


Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is a rapid prototyping process that uses a laser to sinter a powdered nylon material layer by layer to create a durable, solid object. The sintered prototype can be used for testing in almost all applications including functional prototypes using real engineering materials. These parts display extremely high durability, heat deflection and closely represent the physical properties of the production material.


FDM uses thermoplastics, polyphenylsulfone (PPSF), polycarbonate (PC), Ultem 9085, as well as several others. These materials are used for their heat resistance properties. These materials are suitable for aerospace and aviation applications.


The Objet process uses a wide-range of liquid polymers to achieve SLA-like products.