Linear AMS Strengthens Metal AM Customer Service with Automated Rapid Quoting and Model Building

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In the rapidly expanding marketplace that is metal additive manufacturing, it is said there are thousands of machines in place with many thousands more users struggling for success printing parts. With nearly 12 years of metal AM experience, Linear AMS is strengthening the metal AM supply chain with an innovative online tool it calls Rapid Quote – an interactive service permitting users to upload 3D CAD models, explore design iterations, and build cost models, with the assistance of the country’s leading 3D printing service bureau.

Real-Time ROI
Uploading your CAD model to Linear AMS through Rapid Quote not only connects you directly to the country’s most experienced metal AM service bureau, but allows you to adjust your model as much as you want with automated and accurate cost quotes for each iteration, all without going back and forth with a sales rep. Problem areas are identified and options are suggested quickly, speeding rework. Configuring all the alternatives you want with cost information for each greatly expands your options and can save hours if not days in eliminating guesswork.

The potential for cost savings and process improvement are significant. Rapid Quote allows potential customers all the independence they want with the ability to tap into Linear’s expertise at any point in the process. “Metal additive manufacturing is not only tearing up the rule book where design is concerned, it is remaking the supply chain by bringing on-demand manufacturing closer to everyday reality,” says founder and Linear AMS Vice President John Tenbusch. “Getting real-time quotes while at the same time improving part features, tolerances, and design for manufacturability will profoundly change and improve customer businesses.”

The ability to highlight any causes for concern on the CAD model allows considering a number of design choices all before production begins. That the same digital CAD file powers the Linear AMS metal AM equipment streamlines design through production, including process traceability and even material selection. “Add our capacity and experience, and the quote becomes much more reliable and the process that much more efficient,” Tenbusch adds.

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