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Engineering Design and Feasibility

Innovative Manufacturing Solutions that Make Better Parts, Faster

From design to production, bringing your project to life can be challenging. You want to identify the best suppliers, materials, and equipment available. Or, you may want to optimize your existing production for price, efficiency, and quality. Linear, a Shapeways Company, is your manufacturing partner. We support end-to-end industrial processes from design to prototype to production.

We consult with our clients to design manufacturing solutions that utilize traditional methods like injection molding as well as the latest innovation within additive manufacturing. Long-time customers rely on our technological expertise and certifications to deliver shorter cycle times, increased profitability, and world-class customer service.


Linear AMS Manufacturing Solutions

There are many benefits to working with an industry leader. We’re your customer-focused, solutions-oriented partner for traditional manufacturing, including injection molding and tooling, as well as additive manufacturing processes. Our strengths lie in design, short production times, and troubleshooting.
Low and High Volume Production
We specialize in running 50,000 pieces or less for low-volume runs. We’re also capable of molding up to 500,000 pieces a year.
Speedy Turnaround Time
Our quick processes have meant production success for us and our customers. We’re dedicated to delivering excellent services.
Full Solution Provider
Our fully supported shop allows us to offer various capabilities to our clients, making us an industry leader in multiple markets.
Advanced Technologies
We use nothing but state-of-the-art machines and services to ensure complete customer satisfaction from start to finish.

Linear's Cutting Edge Technology

Conformal Cooling

3D printed conformal cooling inserts offer vast improvements for processing and molding parts, in comparison to conventionally drilled water lines. When cooling channels are placed at an optimal distance from molded surface parts, they provide better thermal control in injection molding. As a result, less cooling time is necessary for molded part ejection and cycle times are reduced.

Metal 3D Printing

Relying on Direct Metal Laser Melting (DMLM), Electron Beam Melting (EBM), and Metal Binder Jetting (MBJ), Linear 3D prints metal parts for critical applications. Metal 3D printing makes it possible to design multiple parts into one complex assembly or to reduce the number of separate parts. This process also enables manufacturing of complex internal passages and design features that were previously impossible to realize via conventional manufacturing.

Multi Jet Fusion and Selective Laser Sintering

Linear uses MJF and SLS to 3D print prototypes and end-use parts from the small to large scale. These technologies are incorporated with traditional manufacturing to make hybrid gauges, fixtures, and assembly aids required in mass production. Designs are stored in a digitized library to fast-track revisions, repairs, or replacement parts–significantly reducing cost and lead times.

About Linear AMS, A Shapeways Company

Linear AMS, a Shapeways company, is headquartered in Livonia, Michigan. Founded in 2003, Linear provides engineering, manufacturing, and consulting services to industries that require precision and high-performance in manufacturing end-use parts. Linear’s metal AM experts help other companies integrate manufacturing innovations and set new performance standards–resulting in accuracy and repeatability in production–as well as shortened production times. Shapeways and Linear AMS completed a merger in August 2022, increasing value for both companies with expanded capital, facilities, and polymer and metal 3D printing.