3D Metal Additive

Build Complex Metal Parts

Our additive manufacturing processes allow us to create 3D objects from digital CAD files in a variety of metals. This involves building up of thin layers of materials, one at a time. Meaning we can produce multiple shapes previously impossible by traditional machining techniques. These methods can be integrated into our current processes to reduce manufacturing steps, lower costs and increase overall production rates.

Key Capabilities


Multiple part consolidation means using 3D additives to allow for the number of items in an assembly to be reduced by designing as a single complex component.

Reducing Costs

These additives have a number of benefits for our clients. Reducing tooling costs can be accomplished by having parts manufactured directly without the need for tooling.

Complex Builds

Even the most intricate of designs are now possible. We’ll show you how these 3D metal additives can benefit your end-products and all the options they create.

Multiple Industries

The need for these processes is growing across multiple industries. High-end automotive, consumer goods, medical, packaging and healthcare are some just to name a few.

Your Trusted Partner in Low and High Volume Production

From engineering services, to tooling and cooling capabilities—we offer multiple benefits to our industrial partners.

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