Engineering Design & Feasibility

Advanced Process Support

Advanced process support enables us to fully optimize our design services so that we can reduce your overall costs, lower production times and increase the volume of production. All while maintaining absolute quality. We’re proud of the abilities we have to advance our own technologies as well as industry practices. Our main goal is to offer clients a lower cost solution in plastic and metal additive manufacturing.


Linear uses top-rated injection molding simulation software to analyze part design for flow, pack, cool and warp prior to the tooling phase. We use only the best solutions for the plastic injection molding industry. We’re dedicated to providing advanced techniques that allow our clients to excel in their respective fields. The 3D printing software we use for additive manufacturing is top-of-the-line and guaranteed to yield high results.

Black Box Capabilities

Our engineering team are CAD professionals. Do you have a design in mind but don’t have any examples? We’ll sketch up your ideas and turn them into finished products. When you work with us, the possibilities are endless. These processes allow us to create an open medium where we can work with our clients to make any necessary technical adjustments and edits along the way. This lets us work closely with manufacturers to become real industry partners.
Black Box Capabilities

Custom Projects

We can take any idea and turn it into a polished, finished product. We also offer laser or white light scanning to produce mesh models. Our design services are dedicated to further refining data to create workable, changeable 3D CAD data output into almost any format. We’ll work with your current CAD data to make changes or develop new surfaces. Find out more about our numerous engineering options.

Your Trusted Partner in Low and High Volume Production

From engineering services, to tooling and cooling capabilities—we offer multiple benefits to our industrial partners.

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