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Laser marking and etching allows us to markup various parts and products to apply serial numbers or model codes to them. The process of using laser marking or etching depends on what type of material needs it or what type of quality the project requires. Laser marking is done with a low-powered beam by discoloring the material. Laser etching is a type of shallow engraving. Both options are viable for a number of materials and projects.


Laser marking creates a high-contrast without actually disrupting the material’s surface. Oxidation occurs under the surface, causing the material to turn black. This process is used for many different reasons, most commonly on metals or plastics. Laser etching is a viable option for thin materials and smaller projects. We will help you decide which is better for your parts or products depending on the job at hand and your materials.

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Both laser marking and laser etching are great techniques for the medical or automotive industries. Both of these markets benefit from serial number placements or model coding numbers. Laser marking can also be used on flat, curved or round surfaces—making it a very versatile procedure for various projects. Consumer goods and other small products also benefit from these procedures.
Laser Marking and Etching for Use On
Laser Etching Markets


Laser marking and etching can be used on a variety of materials including plastic, metal, glass, and ceramic. Both procedures are gentle enough so that the original material will not be damaged during servicing. Our engineers will help you determine which procedure will work best on the materials you want to use. We can show you the different ways laser marking and etching can benefit your parts and products. You can rely on our quality lasers to deliver top results.

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