Injection Molding

Thermoplastic Molding

Injection molding is a manufacturing process for producing parts by injecting plastic resin into a mold. This process is one of the most common ways to produce large volumes of finished parts for many different uses. Aluminum molds typically produce anywhere from 5-5,000 pieces. These molds can be acid etched, grained and typically offer better thermal properties than steel tooling for production quality parts. Whether it be for prototyping, low volume, or high volume production, we can provide a solution designed to meet your plastic part production needs.

Prototype Molding

Our prototype injection molding service offers clients the ability turn a design idea into a part, quickly and affordably. Prototype molding eliminates the constraints of high production costs and design challenges. Our state-of-the-art machines allow for tight tolerances and custom insert molding options.

Low-Volume Production

At Linear, we specialize in running 50,000 pieces or less at low volume production runs. Linear’s new emphasis on low volume production embraces the demands of autonomous and electric vehicle design/development. Our full machine shop capabilities have meant production success for our customers.
Injection Molding Assembly


We assemble and package molding parts to help shorten the supply chain for our clients. By providing these turnkey solutions, we reduce overall production times for manufacturers and lower their overall costs. Our assembly options offer our clients many different variations, from fully manual to fully automated. This allows us to produce your injection molding parts within your needed time and budget restraints.

Laser Etching

Our laser etching services allow us to create and place the serial numbers or model codes you desire on your products without disrupting the surface of the original material. These lasers use high heat to melt the surface of the material, expanding it and causing it to leave a mark. Laser etching is close to engraving, without “cutting” as deep into the material. This form of marking is one of the most viable options for thin materials or smaller projects.


Our production part approval process allows our clients of all industries to have confidence in our production processes. It’s here that actual measurements are taken of the parts produced and are used to complete various testing during the PPAP. This is to ensure that our design and production process meet’s our clients’ requirements. This puts your faith in us and our procedures and minimizes the risk of production errors

Your Trusted Partner in Low and High Volume Production

From engineering services, to tooling and cooling capabilities—we offer multiple benefits to our industrial partners.

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