Rapid Prototyping

Fastest Turnaround

Quickly fabricating any 3D model is easier than ever with our advanced technologies. Our 3D printing applications allow for a fast turnaround. We specialize in additive layer manufacturing which also allows for the design and build of these intricate prototype parts. Our CAD workflows enable us to edit designs so you can continue to re-configure your prototype as the design process advances. Find out more about the systems we use to deliver high-quality prototyping parts.
Rapid Prototyping SLA SLS FDM


This technology are widely used forms of 3D printing. FDM printing builds parts by melting and extruding thermoplastic filament and is well suited for basic proof-of-concept models. SLA is one of our most popular technologies, with the highest resolution and accuracy—making it great technology for products that require high tolerances. SLS 3D printers are more ideal for complex geometries and functional prototyping. We’ll work with you to determine which printer would work best.

CNC Cut Parts

This process translates and interprets 3D CAD models and data to our CNC machines. The main advantage of this process over others is that it allows us to produce parts that can replace the additive manufactured prototypes with true grade materials. This means that we can then build your specific parts in the exact material you plan on using during production. Rapid prototyping of high-quality metal and plastic benefit from this technique when requiring utmost accuracy.

Mud Base

Mud base tooling is a hybrid of production tooling and prototype hand tooling. This process reduces your up-front tooling costs, while maintaining high-volume production capabilities. Machine time is significantly lowered since the manufacturer owns a base mold that contains the bulk of the equipment necessary for full automation. Through this technique, our clients receive quicker tool changeovers all while reducing set up fees.

Your Trusted Partner in Low and High Volume Production

From engineering services, to tooling and cooling capabilities—we offer multiple benefits to our industrial partners.

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