We specialize in many different production specialties for the automotive industry. This includes work for interiors, exteriors, various different seating components, underhood plastics, garnish and trims. Our new emphasis on low-volume production embraces the demands of autonomous and electric vehicle design and development. Our laser marking and etching services are great techniques for the automotive market as well.


The consumer goods industry has a vast number of parts and products that can benefit from our solutions and services. This consists of such products like storage containers, flooring, or smaller goods such as jewelry pieces. We also specialize in parts like golf club heads or other sporting goods. We have industry experience with a wide variety of other products as well. Our solutions are perfectly geared toward various materials and end uses.


Our processes have many benefits for the medical industry. We’re able to produce the intricate parts that are required for tools, spine/knee/hip components, dental applications or even parts for cadaver labs. We specialize in these products because we know how important they are for their respective usages. Our clients can depend on our top-of-the-line techniques and equipment to ensure that every product that leaves our property is of the highest quality.


We handle production for packaging products such as dunnage, returnable boxes, bumpers and boots. We’re your single source for all things plastic packaging. From our injection molding capabilities to our secondary application procedures, we offer a wide range of solutions perfected for the packaging industry. Our engineering staff can bring your packaging concepts to life. Allow us to show you what different designs can fit your specific product needs.


We deliver precision tooling needs to all of our aerospace partners. From equipment capabilities to engine repairs or automated systems, we work with the aerospace sector to deliver solutions that meet even the toughest requirements. We’re experts in delivering energy-efficient solutions that are highly accurate. The aerospace industry needs a partner they can rely on. We know we can be that partner for all of your critical systems.


All of the tooling requirements for the defense industry have to have complete accuracy. Our products and solutions can be trusted to deliver this accuracy and so much more. With our applications, you can rest assured knowing even your biggest projects are in good hands. We have the industry experience and the valuable resources to create cost-efficient, highly durable products that will meet all of your needs.


Our facility has the advanced tooling capabilities that the industrial industries can rely on. We use the best materials, whether they’re looking for abrasive or tool-based products. Our state-of-the-art machines can get a number of jobs completed, all at relatively quick turnaround times. All markets in these sectors are looking for a comprehensive partner. We can assist in all necessary and diverse mold, die and tooling services.


We offer a variety of services and product specialties to the transportation industry, including aluminum extrusion dies. We’re experts in the field of structural components and we’re proud to offer top-of-the-line products such as these to our transportation partners. We stay up-to-date on all of the latest industry standards and specifications—so you know you’re getting nothing but the best from your tooling provider.

Your Trusted Partner in Low and High Volume Production

From engineering services, to tooling and cooling capabilities—we offer multiple benefits to our industrial partners.

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