Conformal Cooling


After the Direct Metal Laser Melting process, the parts can be post processed (machined, welded, heat treated, polished, etc.), if desired, as any cast or billet material can be. In fact, the process yields parts with physical properties that fulfill the needs of final production parts and in cases of smaller volumes, DMLM is being used as an alternative to the traditional manufacturing processes.

By manufacturing the part with DMLM, it allows the engineer to optimize their design, because the traditional rules of “design for manufacturing” do not bound them. Direct Metal Laser Melting grow internal passages that curve, or multiple piece assemblies built as one.

Custom manufacturing is never a problem for DMLM. Many medium-sized to small-sized parts and inserts can be constructed in hours-and-days versus days-and-weeks using traditional prototyping processes.

Tooling Inserts

At Linear, we use Direct Metal Laser Melting DMLM to grow tooling inserts with cooling lines already designed inside. These completely dense and highly accurate inserts allow us to put the cooling lines where they need to be, in order to achieve maximum part quality and lower costs.

Finite Element Analysis: To evaluate placement of cooling lines and mold performance, we use Finite Element Analysis techniques. Whether it is a steady state analysis to determine temperature distribution for comparing cooling solutions, or a nonlinear analysis for determining moldfill and moldcool conditions and predicting cycle times, we can provide the necessary input to intelligently design a mold for optimum performance.


  • Maraging Steel


CMM Layouts

Linear performs part dimensional layouts and reports.