Conformal Cooling

Improve Part Quality

Conventional vs. Conformal Cooling
Our molds integrated with conformal cooling lines are superior to conventionally machined molds. With our technology, the heating/cooling lines in the tool follow the contours of the part. They can be placed an optimal distance from the part surface, allowing the mold to maintain a constant temperature. Conformal cooling methods can significantly reduce cycle times—between 15 and 45 percent depending on part complexity.

Key Capabilities


This process allows for significant cycle time reductions, increased plant capacity and increased flexibility in water line designs, along with many others.

For Use In

When and where cooling is needed is dependent on varying wall thicknesses, if the parts are deformed or are of poor quality, tight tolerances, and etc.

Graphic Analysis

The heat transfer improvements that can be gained by using our cooling technology can’t be ignored when compared to conventional cooling methods.

Case Study

We used software to validate our designs. Results showed that cooling time was reduced by 69% and the client was able to produce a higher volume of parts. View Case Study


Custom manufacturing is never a problem for DMLM. Many medium-sized to small-sized parts and inserts can be constructed in hours-and-days versus days-and-weeks using traditional prototyping processes. After the Direct Metal Laser Melting process, the parts can be post processed (machined, welded, heat treated, polished, etc.), if desired, as any cast or billet material can be. In fact, the process yields parts with physical properties that fulfill the needs of final production parts and in cases of smaller volumes, DMLM is being used as an alternative to the traditional manufacturing processes. By manufacturing the part with DMLM, it allows the engineer to optimize their design, because the traditional rules of “design for manufacturing” do not bound them. Direct Metal Laser Melting grow internal passages that curve, or multiple piece assemblies built as one.

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