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Conformal Cooling Transforms Injection Molding Processes and Part Quality

Conformal Cooling to Reduce cooling stage during molding

In today’s complex manufacturing environment, delivering the right parts–at the right time and price–is a constant challenge. And during injection molding, the cooling stage is typically the longest time period in the process. During this stage, the part must reach a low enough temperature so that the physical properties of the material and the dimensional […]

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Linear AMS, A Shapeways Company, Talks with CompositesWorld About Composite Tooling

David Myers, New Business Development Manager, recently spoke with Peggy Malnati of CompositesWorld about advances in composite tooling.  The article also details how Linear AMS “has used multiple metal AM technologies to produce conformally cooled inserts for its injection molds since 2005.” A good example of the type of complexity that Linear regularly produces with […]

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