Identifying Conformal Cooling Applications

Industrial manufacturing is experiencing rapid growth and transformation with the use of advanced technology like conformal cooling and additive manufacturing. Linear, a Shapeways Company, is leading the way with unique benefits that outperform traditional methods of cooling parts through drilled water lines. Relying on metal 3D printed components, Linear can embed water lines closer to […]

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Conformal Cooling Transforms Injection Molding Processes and Part Quality

Conformal Cooling to Reduce cooling stage during molding

In today’s complex manufacturing environment, delivering the right parts–at the right time and price–is a constant challenge. And during injection molding, the cooling stage is typically the longest time period in the process. During this stage, the part must reach a low enough temperature so that the physical properties of the material and the dimensional […]

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Linear AMS, A Shapeways Company, Talks with CompositesWorld About Composite Tooling

David Myers, New Business Development Manager, recently spoke with Peggy Malnati of CompositesWorld about advances in composite tooling.  The article also details how Linear AMS “has used multiple metal AM technologies to produce conformally cooled inserts for its injection molds since 2005.” A good example of the type of complexity that Linear regularly produces with […]

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Hybrid Approach to Producing Mold Inserts Boosts Productivity and Profitability

Linear AMS has pioneered the use of hybrid mold inserts. A conventionally milled and drilled stainless steel base becomes the build plate on which the insert with integral conformal cooling (or heating) lines are printed, as with the three insert sections of the dryer baffle (shown from top and sides). Such an approach maximizes efficiency, […]

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Linear AMS Back in Local Hands After Volley if Ownership Changes

It has been a whirlwind couple of years for the staff at Linear AMS. The manufacturing company was slated to close in June, leaving some 100 workers without a job. Owner Moog Inc. planned to take Linear’s additive manufacturing equipment and some employees to its East Aurora, N.Y., headquarters and shut down operations at the […]

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Automotive Supplier Linear Mold & Engineering Receives TS 16949 Certification

Automotive supplier Linear Mold & Engineering, a leader in the design and manufacture of fast-cycling injection molds with conformal cooling technology using Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), announced the company has received its TS 16949 certification. The TS certification is in addition to the company’s ISO 9001, AS9100 aerospace supplier, and UL certifications.

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